Sarah Kelleher - Director and Host

I am a lecturer, musician, DJ and digital communications strategist. I have released music under New York record label Stars and Letters. My creative projects have been featured on the BBC as well as in Interview Magazine, Under the Radar and Paper Magazine. I am currently working on a pop music project with London producer Pritpal Soor and also co-run Fun, Natural Fun, an inclusive DJ night with my co host Gemma.

I started Cool Bodies Club because I have experienced firsthand the prejudice that occurs when you navigate the world with a different body. I believe that the current narrative about bodies isn’t serving anyone so I am here to change it for the better. I want a future that is fair and equal for all. My role is to create the Cool Bodies Club vision and lead our strategy.

Bonus facts: The co-hosts are two of my best pals! Major Capricorn 💖


Mike Field - Project Manager and Host

I’m a husband and stay home dad. I love to walk, run, cycle and cook, and while I’m doing those things I’m constantly devouring podcasts! Over the years I’ve been involved in music and broadcasting, and I’ve always listened hard and loved radio and later podcasts as a medium for amazing conversations.

My role as project manager is to take all the great ideas Sarah and Gemma have and convert them into immensely complicated charts and lists of things for us to do, and then wag my finger around loudly to make sure they all get done.

Cool Bodies Club for me fills a really vital hole in the big podcast fog, allowing us, and by extension you, to talk and think about bodies and what’s attached to them. I.e. human beings. Ultimately, something that we all have in common is that we inhabit bodies. And that’s cool!

Bonus fact: I am ranked 260th in New Zealand for speed solving a Rubik’s cube, and my best official time is 27.12 seconds 🤓


Gemma Syme - Producer and Host

I’m an artist, DJ and musician (Instant Fantasy) and I’ve been working in digital content management and radio in NZ and abroad. I’ve worked for RDU98.5FM, Radio Active, RNZ and Universal Records. I’m pumped about creating spaces for new conversations and narratives. I currently co-run a club night called Fun, Natural Fun that creates inclusive spaces and quality party times.

I’m excited to be doing this podcast to learn and unlearn a lot of things about the body, and also connect with a wide range of awesome humans.

Bonus facts: I’m very much a Pisces. Also, I did about 3 personality tests recently and my top attribute was “positivity.” I have two cats - Maggie and Bo - and I love them very much. 😻