Our Story


Sarah went to Gemma at the beginning of 2018 with an idea. She was sick and tired of the narratives around bodies and noticed how harmful they were for everybody. These narratives are built to oppress others which means we all miss out on the inherent value of anyone that fits into any kind of minority group. So uncool!

The idea for a podcast was born! The gist - to create a space where they could discuss a wide range of topics about the body, and also talk to a variety of awesome humans about their own body experiences. The overall goal? To shift these narratives into a more positive direction, one that celebrates rather than diminishes.

Sarah happened to be working with Mike at the time. He kept hearing about this awesome idea and wanted to be a part of it. Gemma and Sarah were super excited to have him on board because he is a Virgo (dunno if you’ve seen the memes but Virgos are a dab hand at spreadsheets and being pedantic).

The team then dove into a world of ideas and brainstorming. There was a lot of learning and unlearning to be done about the body. They read a lot of feminist writing, listened to podcasts and started to get an understanding for what they wanted to stand for and how they were going to do it.

After a lot of post-it brainstorm sessions, debriefings, skype convos and Asahis, our purpose statement and values finally emerged!


Celebrating all bodies cos all bodies are cool bodies.


  1. Your inherent value was never in question. We value your value. Full stop!

  2. We believe connection is a tool that activates change.

  3. We are committed to endless learning and unlearning.